Why Every Person Should Understand The Book of Revelation


The Book of Revelation is a critical work within the Christian Bible, penned by the Apostle John during his exile on the desolate Island of Patmos. This manuscript is not a collection of random thoughts but a cohesive and divinely inspired vision given by Jesus Christ. The narrative addresses the immediate realities of seven contemporary churches and looks forward to the eschatological future, the period known as the Tribulation. It culminates in the triumphant return of Jesus to establish His reign of justice and peace on Earth.

Understanding the apocalyptic events and the glorious transformation in Revelation is of immense value for a few reasons:

Revelation is a beacon of hope

First, for Jesus followers, Revelation is a beacon of hope. It assures believers that Jesus will ultimately liberate His creation of Lucifer, the arch-nemesis of humanity, and his cohorts, consigning them to eternal damnation in a lake of fire. This prophesied ultimate defeat and destruction of evil incarnate, referred to in Scripture as the murderer, dragon, serpent, and the father of lies.

Revelation announces a future devoid of the afflictions that plague our current existence rife with war, racial injustice, poverty, death, disease, and the myriad manifestations of malevolence that beset humankind.

Revelation is a cautionary tale

The Book of Revelation serves as a warning and spiritual lighthouse, illuminating the path for believers to conduct their lives in anticipation of what comes. It describes with vivid imagery the unleashing of God’s unparalleled fury upon those who oppose Him. Revelation should move all to reflect, repent, and embrace a life that pleases the Lord. Tragically, the scriptures say that even in the face of this overwhelming display of divine wrath, many will remain stiff-necked, continuing to indulge in devil worship, idolatry, immorality, murder, and other sins, steadfast in their rebellion against God.

Revelation is a call to action

Beyond personal edification, Revelation is also a call to action for believers to engage in evangelical outreach. With knowledge of the dreadful events prophesied to unfold—such as plagues of demonic locusts and horses, which bring terror but not death—believers are moved to share the message of salvation, hopeful that none should endure such torments.

The Book describes a time so dire that even the most affluent and influential will seek escape through death, proving the severity of the coming days.

Revelation is a spiritual imperative

Engaging with the Book of Revelation is not merely an academic exercise but a spiritual imperative for every follower of Christ. The reasons to delve deep into its contents are as numerous as they are profound. This prophetic work is replete with symbols and signs, with each verse inviting contemplation and offering insight into the divine plan for humanity’s ultimate destiny.

Revelation is a challenge

Attempting to convey the full depth and breadth of Revelation’s content is a formidable challenge. The Book is rich with symbolism and apocalyptic language that defies simple explanation. Its portrayal of supernatural phenomena, celestial battles, and the final judgment is unparalleled in complexity and impact. In other words, I struggle when I teach this Book.

Despite the challenge, it is the responsibility of every believer to seek an understanding of this prophetic vision. Through prayerful study and reflection, Christians can gain insights into the nature of God, the spiritual warfare that rages unseen, and the destiny that awaits both the righteous and the wicked.

To aid in this endeavor, I offer my YouTube videos that endeavor to break down the dense Book of Revelation. My aim was to provide a comprehensive and accessible exploration of the Book, distilling its teachings and prophetic insights.


In conclusion, the Book of Revelation is an inexhaustible source of spiritual knowledge, eschatological insight, and moral guidance. Its study is beneficial and essential for those who seek to comprehend the divine trajectory charted for the world. As we look to the apocalyptic events and Jesus’ kingdom to follow, let us approach the Book of Revelation with humility, seeking wisdom and understanding, ever mindful of the blessings Jesus promises that come with reading it.