The Augustus Corbett blog (ACB) is a comprehensive resource for Dr. Corbett’s personal articles, books, videos, and other resources, providing a harmonious blend of spiritual and practical guidance, all from a Biblical perspective. Topics will range from Christian living to Biblical justice and everything in between. He will publish articles at least three times a week. The mission of ACB is to publish powerful, life-changing articles that take God’s Kingdom of righteousness and justice to all.

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Equipped with a deep knowledge of Scripture, science, and law, Dr. Corbett often challenges audiences with Kingdom precepts that demand change and often frustrate the listener.

Personal Bio

Dr. Augustus Corbett was born into a world of adversity, where he was disowned by his biological father and abused by his adoptive mother. His upbringing, within a small rural town in southern North Carolina, was further marred by the influence of white supremacy, which sought to consign him and his fellow black community members to failure. However, Jesus had a different plan in store.

Today, Dr. Corbett is an accomplished pastor, attorney, author, and social media activist. His ministerial journey spans almost four decades, during which he has preached the Gospel of the Kingdom across North America, Europe, and Africa. His zeal for advancing God’s Kingdom of righteousness and racial justice is notably seen in his dedication to inner-city neighborhoods where residents grapple with systemic racism and poverty.

Determined to challenge America’s treatment of its black and brown citizens, Dr. Corbett advocates for equity as Holy Scripture dictates. His ultimate aspiration is to bring God’s Kingdom to one million urban African American men, a demographic he identifies with from his youth. He envisions a significant transformation in America’s harshest neighborhoods.

Dr. Corbett is the first man in his family since arriving from Africa to graduate from college. His academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC, and a Juris Doctorate from North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

In his personal life, Dr. Corbett shares a blissful marriage of over 35 years with his loving wife. They have two children. His daughter, Chloe, has followed his footsteps into the legal world as an attorney, while his son, Caleb, works as a financial analyst and photographer. Dr. Corbett extends a warm invitation for you to become a subscriber to his network, joining a community dedicated to spiritual growth and social transformation.