Ice Cube: From Gangsta Rapper To Sellout

Neely Fuller Jr. said, "If you don't understand White supremacy – what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand will only confuse you.

Mr. Fuller’s words hold immense truth, shedding light on a troubling phenomenon where some African Americans treat white supremacists as friends rather than recognizing the danger they pose, akin to rattlesnakes. This unsettling pattern was evident in a recent incident involving Ice Cube.

In a recent series of interviews, the famous rapper and actor, Ice Cube (Oshea Jackson) showed he doesn’t understand White supremacy – what it is and how it works. He sat down with Tucker Carlson, the outspoken white supremacist television personality known for his controversial views. The interviews sparked heated discussions and criticism as Cube delved into topics related to race, white supremacy, and the state of America. Many people, including the author, believe Ice Cube’s responses played into Carlson’s white supremacy narrative. Let’s examine the cringeworthy moments that unfolded during these interviews and the more significant implications.

A Loaded Conversation:

The interviews began with Carlson asking Cube some loaded questions, seemingly designed to promote a white supremacy agenda. Cube’s responses lacked the necessary historical background and understanding of the current systemic racism prevalent in American society. As an entertainer, Cube lacked the expertise to navigate such a conversation with a seasoned white supremacist like Carlson.

Remember, Carlson has made numerous racist statements in his career. Below are only a few of those statements:

  • He said immigrants make our nation “poorer, and dirtier, and more divided.”
  • He credited “white men” for “creating civilization.”
  • He called Iraqis “semiliterate primitive monkeys.”
  • He said Afghanistan would never “be a civilized country because the people aren’t civilized.”
  • He promoted the “great replacement” theory.
  • He belittled BLM.
  • He justified police shootings of black men.
  • He claims white supremacy is a hoax.
  • He claimed covid vaccines were “the single deadliest mass vaccination event in modern history,” comparing them to Jim Crow laws.
  • He helped Trump spread the big lie.
  • He said the January 6, insurrectionists “were orderly and meek. These were not insurrectionists. They were sightseers.”

Ignoring Historical Context:

During the interviews, Cube expressed his belief that race no longer plays a significant role in America and insinuated that certain black leaders profit from race-baiting. Unfortunately, this perspective ignores the historical context of racism in the United States, from slavery to Jim Crow to systemic discrimination. It’s essential to recognize that race has been weaponized against black communities throughout history, contributing to the ongoing struggle against racial inequality. Cube never mentioned this history or current struggle.

The Naïve Notion of Mere Talking:

Cube also suggested that talking alone could solve racism and white supremacy. While dialogue is vital, history has shown that more substantial action is required to address deeply entrenched issues. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words from his letter from the Birmingham jail emphasized the “fierce urgency of now” and the need for concrete actions to combat racism effectively.

Misjudging the Impact of Media:

Cube’s observation that television is responsible for the rise in racial tension overlooks the fact that influential figures like Carlson often perpetuate such narratives. As a media personality known for pushing white supremacy, Carlson plays a significant role in shaping public perceptions. It’s crucial to hold Carlson accountable and those who misuse their platforms to perpetuate harmful racist ideologies. Yet, Cube gave Carlson a huge pass.

Misinterpretation of Political Leaders:

When asked about the performance of political leaders like Obama, Biden, and Harris, Cube’s responses seemed to align with certain conservative viewpoints. He labeled Obama’s historic victory as symbolic. He failed to mention how the GOP worked tirelessly to oppose Obama. Then GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell swore to make Obama a failed president no matter the cost to the nation. Cube criticized Biden and Harris despite their efforts to appoint African Americans to key positions and implement policies that can benefit the Black community. It’s essential to recognize the broader impact of policies and actions taken by political leaders beyond their symbolic significance.

Cube’s Voting Perspective Is Very Troubling:

Connected to his unfounded critique of Obama, Biden, and Harris, Cube suggested that African Americans should either vote GOP or abstain from voting when Democrats fail to accomplish significant goals for the community is deeply troubling. The late Rep. John Lewis, who white supremacists almost killed because he for our right to vote, rightly referred to voting as almost sacred, emphasizing its significance for African Americans. For African Americans, who have fought tirelessly and were murdered for the right to vote throughout history, participating in the democratic process holds a deep-rooted importance.

One of the most critical reasons for African Americans to exercise their voting rights is the radicalization and anti-blackness of the GOP. By abstaining from voting, the Black community risks allowing the GOP to gain government control, which can have severe repercussions for their rights and progress. The current six super majority conservatives hold in SCOTUS is a painful example of how elections can significantly impact the future of African Americans.

Gutting the Voting Rights Act nationally and rewriting history on the state level are just several consequences of allowing the GOP to gain more territory through abstention from voting. By disengaging from the voting process, African Americans may inadvertently enable regressive policies that set back the progress achieved over the years in the fight for civil rights. Cube’s suggestion that African Americans should not vote is irresponsible and plays into the GOP’s strategy.

Black Men Seem More Willing To Listen To White Supremacists Than Black Women

The inexplicable willingness of some black men to engage with white supremacists is sad, given white supremacy inflicts the most harm on them. It’s disheartening to witness the extent to which many black men entertain these harmful ideologies. Some Black men’s willingness to hear white supremacy ideologies partly exists because the GOP strategically targets disillusioned black men with deceptive promises, well aware of their dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party.

In fact, many black men share Cube’s critical assessment of Obama, Biden, and Kamala, as they perceive little change, regardless of who is in office. While I understand their frustration with the Democratic Party, I believe it’s a better choice to vote for a party that does little to help African Americans than to support the GOP, which actively contributes to harming them. This choice logic is evident when GOP politicians flagrantly embrace anti-blackness shamelessly to appease Trump and the MAGA crowd.


Ice Cube’s interviews with Tucker Carlson had many cringeworthy moments, much more than I can cover in this article. It left many Blacks, including me, accusing him of selling out and promoting white supremacy. His responses lacked the historical context, facts, and understanding to navigate such conversations effectively. It’s essential to approach discussions about race and white supremacy with more than anecdotes but with sensitivity, scholarship, and awareness of the broader implications. Cube did himself and the African American community a serious disservice.