Wait, Don’t Take That Bait

How To Avoid The Traps of Satan

Last year, I had the opportunity to teach a message that brought blessings to everyone who heard it. Today, I feel compelled to share it with all of you.

The devil is a crafty adversary known for his cunning ways. As we read in Genesis 3:1, he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, and since then, he has been using various strategies to ensnare humanity. Satan’s ultimate goal is to bring destruction into our lives, as stated in John 10:10. However, we can find comfort in Jesus, having already defeated him, as Colossians 2:15 assures us. Although Jesus defeated Satan, he continues to lure Christians into bondage using bait.

We must guard against compromising our testimony through sinful actions or compromised values because others are watching us.

Keys to Understanding Satanic Strategy

Understanding his strategies to protect ourselves from falling into Satan’s traps is crucial. One of his tactics is to make us live in a way that denies us the blessings of Christ. Let’s explore three key areas where we need to remain vigilant:


In Revelation 3:15-16, Jesus warns against being spiritually indifferent or lukewarm. This apathy can distance us from the passionate relationship we should have with Christ. Jesus even states He will reject lukewarm believers.


Galatians 5:19-22 sheds light on the works of the flesh, encompassing sinful behaviors and attitudes. Satan tries to draw us away from a life characterized by the fruits of the Spirit, such as love, joy, and peace. However, if we walk in the Spirit, we will not fall into the trap of fulfilling the desires of the flesh.


Satan also attempts to diminish our witness if he fails to destroy our worship. Matthew 7:21-27 speaks about those who claim to follow Christ but do not live according to His teachings. Hypocrisy weakens our witness and makes us vulnerable to Satan’s snares. Our lives must reflect the truth of the Gospel and bring glory to God. We must guard against compromising our testimony through sinful actions or compromised values because others are watching us.

Backsliding and Bondage

Satan’s goal is not only to make us backslide but also to enslave us spiritually. Backsliding refers to reverting to our old unsaved lifestyle, moving away from our commitment to Christ. But bondage involves becoming trapped in spiritual enslavement, preventing us from experiencing true freedom in Christ.

Five Types of Bait Used by Satan

Satan employs various tactics to lure Christians into bondage. Let’s explore five standard baits he uses:

Bait One: Offenses

The Greek word for offenses, “skandalon,” implies stumbling or trapping. In Luke 17:1, Jesus warns that stumbling blocks are bound to come. Offenses typically occur when we witness or experience unexpected behavior that shakes us emotionally, leading to feelings of bitterness. Different translations of Luke 17:1 emphasize that stumbling blocks, as offenses, are inevitable. However, although offenses will come, we don’t have to be their victims.

According to Dr. Rick Renner, in his book “Insights from Dr. Rick Renner,” offenses usually happen when our expectations are shattered by behaviors that differ from what we anticipated. This shock can escalate into disbelief, disappointment, and offense.

To avoid falling into the trap of offense, we can turn to Psalm 119:165. It reminds us that those who love God’s law will have great peace, and nothing will cause them to stumble. By grounding ourselves in God’s Word and cultivating a love for His ways, we can strengthen our resilience against offense.


As we said above, satan is a cunning adversary who seeks to lead us astray and hinder our relationship with Christ. However, by deeply understanding his strategies and building a solid foundation in God’s Word, we can navigate the traps he sets and avoid falling into bondage. Let us remain steadfast, guarding our worship, preserving our witness, and refusing to take Satan’s bait. Doing so allows us to live victoriously in Christ and experience His peace and freedom.

In part two, we will explore the second bait used by Satan, which is lust.